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3rd International Plant Based Nutrition Conference-Day1

3rd International Plant Based Nutrition Conference-Day1

This conference is guided by Dr. Scott Stoll and the Plantrician Project whose mission is to produce plant-based nutrition educational events, tools and resources for clinicians and those they serve.  The meeting room  is filled with over 600  eager people who want to find better ways to communicate the message that Food Is Medicine.  Dr. Kin Allan Williams, MD, President of the American College of Cardiology and Professor of Medicine and Chef of Cardiology at Rush takes the stage.  His message is a simple one that will likely be repeated throughout this meeting.  EAT MORE PLANTS.  The data he shows is compelling and irrefutable.  Those who eat primarily animal products have a massive increase in cardiovascular evens and die earlier.  This is true in every population around the world.  Dr. Williams gave some of the mechanisms of just how this happens.  He also enlightened us how the world of cardiology much change how they approach patients and begin to look at the primary prevention of disease and not the secondary or tertiary way we tend to look at cardiovascular disease today.  This was a great way to kick off this event and it is wonderful to hear a leading National cardiologist share his vision how to help physicians help patients by focusing on their dietary habits and show them just how powerful plant based diets can be.  Stay tuned…

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