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What is Physicians Life Centers?

Physicians Life Centers was created in 2007 while I was practicing General & Internal medicine. My practice had a strong emphasis on nutrition and prevention.   However,  it became apparent that medical care today is focused on a diseased based model which is also how insurance companies and Medicare pay and how medical schools teach.  I envisioned a practice that would focus on an individuals needs to help prevent and possibly reverse problems that they might have. Realizing the importance of “lifestyle” in overall health, Physicians Life Centers was created to fill a void. I wanted to create a practice where people can learn how to live a healthier life by eating better, exercising more, sleeping better, handling stress better and understanding what you can do about toxins in your environment.  All of this leads to true optimal health.


The Dove in the center is a reminder that you should love your life and be kind to yourself at all times. It is Dr. Howard’s belief that you can achieve true health when the mind, body and spirit are aligned.

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