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3324_face0My journey toward true health is quite varied and has taken me down several roads.  Most recently, back in 2005, I found myself obese, out of shape and over stressed.  I was mountain biking in Park City, Utah with my wife and my best friend.  I just could not keep up.  I figured it was just “fuel” so I ate another sugary energy bar thinking that was my problem.  I could barely peddle up the mountain and there was no way to keep up.  During that ride I stopped with my friend after he came back to find me, and it was then, on that mountain, that I decided to change my life.  I specifically said “No more!”  I was no longer going to allow myself to live in such an unhealthy state.  During that same time someone asked my if I had every heard of triathlon.  My simple answer was no.  When I was told that you have to swim, bike and run my response was “at the same time?”  You see I did not know how to swim (well I did know how not to drown in a pool), I did not own a bicycle and I could not run one mile.  I thought about it and said “how do I sign up?”

Other changes that occurred were my dropping my gastroenterology practice to focus on health and wellness through prevenention.  My fantasy was much better than the reality.  Over the next several years I had the honor and privilege to care for many people who seemed grateful for the kind of care I provided.  I focused on their health through nutrition and always talked about fitness.  By then, I was regularly training (running, biking and swimming), lost almost 50 pounds and in fact, I was working with several athletes specifically on their nutrition for endurance sports.  I trained hard for 4 years and became an Ironman triathlete in 2009.  During that time healthcare really began to change and people did not want to have “prevention” type exams, they wanted prescriptions for a year and to have everything done over the phone.  Two more years of that and I understood where our disease management model in the United States was going.  It was becoming more difficult to focus on nutrition and fitness and I was very unhappy with the system.  I knew there was a better way and I wanted to find it.  My wife and I discussed this.  I closed my medical practice for about two years while I had the absolute pleasure and good fortune to stay at home with my children and learn more about nutrition, fitness, spirituality while obtaining a new certification in Anti-Aging and Regenerative medicine as well as a Professional Certification in Plant based cooking.

That brings us to Physician’s Life Centers and my desire to take evidence-based medicine and make it understandable and fun while teaching people how to live a healthy life.  My love for cooking was an added bonus that allows me to share the “how to” part of living a healthy life.  Physician’s Life Centers (to be opened in December) is a place that will  allow us to feed our mind, body, spirit and soul while learning how to add “life to our years and years to our lives”.

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