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Jumpstart immersion

I have been looking for someone who could take me to the next level in my preventative healthcare. Dr. Howard was recommended to me. I attended his open house, spent some time with him learning about his philosophy and sampling the delicious plant based food he prepared for us. I then attended his 5 hour immersion workshop and learned things about food, health, and longevity that I had never been introduced to before. I knew he was the practitioner I had been seeking. I will be doing some one on one meetings with him as well as participating in his workshops. This is a most exciting journey for me!

Fantastic day with Dr. Corey Howard. 5 hour session I highly recommend to everyone that wants a more healthy, aware lifestyle. Fantastic, practical information that can easily be incorporated into everyday life. Really blown away.

So happy I took the time to attend yesterday. Perhaps the best 5 hours of information that I have received in a long, long time. …I was truly in awe with the information that you were able to deliver in such an engaging way. It was a great day! I’m looking forward to future classes and better health!

Dr. Howard Concierge Services

I have done an Executive Health program at a major University and it does not do what I want. I truly believe what you (Dr. Howard) are doing is what I am looking for. I think that you have an amazing service and with your talent and knowledge, you will blow away the type of product they offer.

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