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Whether you are coming in for concierge services or a consultation  you will first note an immediate difference than any office that you have entered before. Using a blend of contemporary Asian and feng shui the environment inside of this office is nothing short of spectacular. You will immediately notice a calming nature and an open space.

For your first visit plan to spend 1 to 2 hours which will allow Dr. Howard to complete a comprehensive evaluation that focuses on all aspect of your health.

Dr. Howard will make sure all of your concerns are addressed.

If tests were recommended Dr. Howard may obtain the samples in his office or send you to a lab.  Tests results can take up to 3 weeks to return and you should schedule a follow-up appointment to review the results and create a customized plan for you.   Additional  follow-up after that initial evaluation will be arranged in a timely fashion based on your needs.

Dr. Howard will contact your physician, if you so choose and discuss any findings that may impact your medical care. Often, lifestyle changes will result in a decrease in prescription medications and in many cases you may be able to completely wean off of some if not all of your medications.  If this occurs, Dr. Howard will make the necessary adjustments if you desire that service.

What makes the concierge services so special?

Dr. Howard’s services are highly personalized and focused on your health goals.  He evaluates every aspect of your wellbeing and gives you all of the time and care that you, not only need, but deserve.

It is Dr. Howard’s philosophy that the whole person must be cared for and not just one part or one disease. that separates him from many other practices  It is when we can combine mind, body, spirit with traditional medicine that optimal health can be found.

This is a key difference compared to seeing a specialist that evaluates and manages just one thing.   If you go to a University for an Executive Health Program you will typically have about an hour (if you are lucky) with a physician, a comprehensive exam, tests (that are standard) and maybe some nutritional counseling by a dietician.  Dr. Howard’s program takes everything you would get in that kind of setting and adds an even more comprehensive approach and a human touch.  He looks at your nutritional and metabolic needs,  ordering tests that can pinpoint nutritional insufficiencies allowing him to create a highly personalized program for you.  In addition, he evaluates all lifestyle habits that play a role in chronic disease and helps you modify them to help create optimal health.

Talk to Dr. Howard today to see if his concierge program is for you. 

Live Better

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