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Persistance Pays Off

Persistance Pays Off

Persistence Pays Off

By Corey Howard, MD, FACP, FMNM


Have you ever heard of the saying “Persistence Pays Off”?  I am sure that you have.  How many of us live by that rule?  Looking at our fast paced, crazy busy, over worked, and incredibly stressed society I would guess that not many.  It is far easier to take a short cut, the Spark notes, to get something done.   It appears this is more the norm than anything else.  Why do I bring this up?  Well, I recently went on a trip and opened my wallet to grab my credit card and “POOF” it was not there.  My heart sank.  Where did it go? I ALWAYS (I guess I can’t say that anymore) have it in my wallet.  I went on my 24-hour trip and came home thinking I would have enough time to look for it before my next trip in 5 days.


I began the search thinking that I would find it right away.  Where would I look?  First, my shorts, pants, running shorts.  It was no where to be found.  UGGGGH.  Ok.  Maybe at my desk downstairs.  Nope.  Maybe, it’s in my wallet.  Nope.  I begin an expanded search throughout my house.  I look back into my computer case and tore it apart dumping everything on the living room floor.    Of course, now I have to organize all of this and figure out what I need and what I need to get rid of.  Okay.  After that I go back up stairs and go through every pair of pants patting them down, squeezing the pockets, putting my hands in the pockets.  Again no luck.  I do the same for my shorts and work out clothes.  I am baffled and a bit anxious as I am leaving on a flight in a few hours.  I think maybe it fell into my shoes.  Not there either.  At this point I begin to wonder if a bit of dementia has come over me.  How many times has this happened?  I quickly shake off the thought of this and press forward.


Where else can I look?  The kitchen, downstairs, maybe in my car.  Negative on all three fronts.  I go back up to my pants, desk, and look upstairs one more time.  At this point I am beginning to think that I need to call the card company and cancel the card and request a new on.  I don’t know how many accounts I have linked to the card and place that thought on the back burner.


At this point I sit at my computer and look up my account.  When was the last time I used the card?  Maybe, I can track it down by where I was on a certain date.  YES.  I used the card two weeks ago at the airport.  I go back to my car and see if I left it in there.  Of course there is a ton of trash sitting around the car.  You know like random pieces of paper, garbage in the back seat from the kids and wrappers of all kinds.  This prompts me to clean up a bit.  Did if fall between the seats?  Now I have my iPhone out with the flashlight looking under and beneath the seats.  Crap.  Not there either.  I go back to my computer and look at my account again.  Where can it be?  At this point I have wasted about 2 ½ hours total looking for this stupid card.  Or is it me who is stupid?  It doesn’t really matter.  Anyway, I pick up my wallet and a card fell out.  It was in the same slot of the card I am missing.  HMMM.  Maybe it fell out.  I look back into my computer case again thinking that somehow magically it will appear even though I literally took EVERYTHING out of it and even put a flashlight through it too.


Finally, I go back out to my car and look at my gym bag reaching in all of the pockets, unzipping all of them.  Nothing.  In the middle is my towel and swim gear.  I take the towel out and YESSSS there it is sitting right on top of my snorkel.  The card must have been quietly laughing at this whole event.  I can just imagine.  Well, there it is.  And I think, Persistence Pays Off.  And it did.  Now where is my wallet?

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