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Yoga And Openness

Yoga and Openness



 After yoga don’t you feel more open? Not just because of the movement during the practice and the warming of the body and the joints but don’t you feel more open to the world and the possibilities that exist? It takes just a brief pause, a mindful moment, to see how the practice of yoga makes you feel. For those moments afterwards will be more relaxed and have less anxiety. You will most likely feel better, happier, and a little less stressed compared to how you felt before your practice that day. Those precious minutes right afterwards may also allow you to tap into your own loving and kind thoughts, melting away any negative thoughts that have a tendency to creep up on you during the day. For the moment, allow yourself to feel real joy.


Next time you complete your yoga practice allow yourself the opportunity to take a deep cleansing breath and with open arms let love flow into your heart.



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